New Video: Timm & Ina Bravo - "Kopje Onder"


When Ina Bravo was asked to collaborate on a song in native language Dutch, she had to think twice. She never sang in the language and always felt like her singing pronounciation may have been to “american” considering she grew up on American singers such as Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys and Destinys Child. But when Timm, who’s also Ina’s former class mate back on the Music Academy in Holland sent her the track, she said her verse came out instantly and within 24 hrs, she sent back the song. “A few weeks later I flew to Holland and we filmed the music video. Because it's in my mother tongue, it felt even more personal to me.” She says.
The record is strong and lyrically leave an impact emotionally. Her performance could be matched with an actress from a Sundance nominated short-film. Perhaps “Kopje onder” fired up ambitions to get into acting as well. A must-see.