Everyone's seeing green because of Ina's up-coming single "Envious" 07/18/19

The first single of the expected Album is gonna be released this Thursday and we are SO READY!
This song came out of a collaboration with producer/guitar player/songwriter Hunter Reece.
Reece sent the “idea” for the beat and within a week the song was mixed. “This really was an easy one. I was in a good situation with a guy. H made me feel comfortable after having been in a long toxic relationship that never inspired me to write any happy love songs. I knew that my relationship with that guy was not perfect either. But I felt for once, that I was taken care of by a real man and I felt safe. In that moment I was able to tap into the “perfect love” vibe and how that would effect others around me that knew this love wasn’t perfect even though to me, it somewhat was.”

Ina Bravo