Songwriter, Recording Artist, Model, Actress.

Ina Bravo is a Dutch recording artist. With her just released single “Envious” she’s determined to rise on the excitement of her growing army of fans. With her music expected to be a success and fame imminent, the exciting and newfangled sound that she has made her own is certain to gain interest from across the globe.

The development of her unique style is the result of her venture of moving to the US at age 19 to realize her dream of becoming a singer. Growing up in the working middle class shaped Ina to work hard for what she wanted, which meant that she had to continuously exceed her own and others' expectations.

Ina's musical journey did not begin in the US, however. Born in the Netherlands, although her family loved different forms of music, nobody played an instrument. Nevertheless, with her talent and determination she became a lead singer of the girl group "N*Joy" at age 15.

When the group disbanded a year later, she started writing her own songs and landed a deal with a small production company in her hometown. A year later Ina auditioned for the "Herman Brood Academy" and was later spotted by Anthony Dent, who became her manager.

Graduated on a fast track at the age of 19, Ina started to collect money from Busking in Germany and the UK, which eventually helped her pay for her first trip to the US.

She started to remix songs like “Hold you down” and “Foreign” and gained traction on Youtube.
After two years of going back and forth from Amsterdam to Atlanta, Ina moved to Los Angeles and took a year to write for other artists/DJ’s such as Dyson, Dj Chuckie, Yellow Claw and more.
In 2017 she collaborated with Miami DJ Landis on "Turn Me up" which reached over half a million downloads. Followed by "See You again" and "Afraid of Love” by MMXJ and Stash Konig.
Ina then wrote “Limits,” a collaboration with Italian DJ "Joe Nevix" and South African producer "Massii" in November 2018 and shot a music video for it, which she funded independently, and reached over 60.000views.

In the Spring of 2019 a song was released called “Kopje Onder” in which she sang in native language Dutch. The music video showed a real and emotional side to Ina Bravo, a light in which she had yet to show herself in. Then came “Envious.”
Her latest single is doing extremely well with an amazing video to go with, written and produced by Ina herself, she’s showing that she’s not done any time soon.

On Aug 18th, at her show at the Hotel Cafe, she made the announcement for her album, which we will hear more details about soon.