INA BRAVO is an all-round songwriter and recording artist. Born and raised in the Netherlands, Ina built up most of her catalog by collaborating with DJ's, producers, songwriters and other artists. 

Starting at 9 years old Ina auditions for a talent show on National TV but gets rejected, which ultimately fuels her to start vocal lessons and auditioning for gigs in the entertainment industry. From modeling to hosting and eventually acting as well, Ina learns her way around the business at a young age. Then, at 15 years old she gets chosen to be the lead singer of the girl group N*Joy.

The group records one album, and rehearses to do a national tour before the manager announced it's Bankruptcy. Ina was devastated but didn't give up.

One year later, having tried to go to college, Ina drops out and auditions for a private performing arts academy. 

But soon she finds out that being the youngest and not passionate about broadway musicals, she feels trapped in a world that doesn't allow her to become an artist. 

The school suggests that 17year old Ina would re-do the year, but she thanks them and successfully auditions elsewhere. This time she starts studying at Herman Brood Academie, a recording school, where she finds a flyer and reads that an American "Grammy Award Winning Producer" would be giving a Seminar in a town near the school. She decides to sign up and while there, she gets to showcase her music which leads her to a recording contract with State of Mind Muzic in Atlanta, GA.

After four years of unsuccessful attempts to lift her career of the ground, she decides to break up with the label and moves to LA to focus on songwriting. 

Soon enough she gets in the studio with DJ's like Yellow Claw, DJ Chuckie, Landis & Borgeous. She was featured on MMXJ's "See You Again"  and Landis' "Turn Me Up" in 2017. In 2018 Ina teamed up with Stash Konig's "Afraid of Love" and Fahjah's "Gravity" and was streamed almost 600.000 times.

Now, her goal is to let the fans decide what they want to hear by collaborating with producers from Norway to Sweden to Switzerland to LA and New york. But mostly, making music for people all around the globe WITH people from all around the globe. Saying "I may not speak all the languages, but music is the movement of sound. I wanna talk to people everywhere. I wanna know their thoughts. Their feelings. Their way of expressing themselves. And I want to inspire them like they inspire me. Starting with a virtual music dialog. Or, collaboration."

So much to expect, stay on the look out. @InaBravoMuzik


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